Why Photography Matters So Much For Wineries

Wine Grapes on the VineYour buddy has a shiny new camera and has offered to take a few snapshots for your winery’s website. You may get lucky with a few good shots you can use, but in the end it’s critical to remember that a winery’s identity and first impression is its website where the quality of the photography is of paramount importance. In an age when most website visitors won’t even spare the time to read an article of this length, they will invest time in looking at your photos, a lesson that Instagram has taught the social media world.

For a winery, photographs aren’t necessarily photography. As we state on our home page, to many, wine is poetry, an exquisite work of art that evokes emotion and a celebration of the senses. The mystique of wine may be impossible to fully explain, but its importance cannot be overstated for the modern winery. Thus, photographic artistry and fine art photography is essential in conveying the emotion and mystique that wine demands, and to capture a winery’s beauty, authenticity, spirit and uniqueness.

Vineyard at North Fork, Shehanandoah RiverAmateur snapshots can be terrific for social media, but an investment in true artwork — whether for your website, e-commerce catalog or print ads — is something that will truly resonate with prospective clients, creating an emotional response in the same way that wine itself does. Wine is the product of both art and science and the same can be said about photography. Only a professional can orchestrate the skills of science and art to provide a collection of photography that truly provides the artistry that wine, wineries and vineyards deserve and demand.

Grape Vine Separator - Winery Photographer